Friday, April 12, 2013

Anony Grows Up

I seem to have graduated into the important client category at my agency.  

I have been with my commercial agent for about a year, and they are wonderful.  I think I've gushed to you before about how much I love them.  Granted, they have only gotten me a few auditions and I didn't book any of them, but the commercial drought I'm in seems to be more of an industry trend away from my type than any lack of effort from my agents.  They have always known who I was when I called or emailed, they never gave me that holier-than-thou attitude that many nearly all douchey starter agents give their prospective and lower level clients.  And though they're exclusively a commercial house, they have always been supportive of my theatrical pursuits and submitted me on every project I asked them to.  They even negotiated my recent TV contract for me.  In the last year, I've never felt like anything but a respected client.

But now something has shifted.  All of a sudden, I'm getting calls apologizing profusely for missing me when I just popped in and out of the office to take care of a bit of routine paperwork.  I'm hearing laments that they don't see me nearly enough and requests to join them for dinner.  I'm not complaining, I just find it entertaining because I remember the days when I was terrified to email whatever loser agent I was with because I didn't want to be even slightly annoying.  When I felt like I was begging for scraps at the doorstep of whatever agency would take a meeting with a lowly, non-union wannabe without a credit in sight.  

Now my agents want to wine and dine me.  Wow.  Just wow.

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