Friday, November 30, 2012

The Reboot

The above picture was sent to me from a friend who shares my passion for running.  She and I were lamenting on those moments when you've let your discipline slip a little and not run for a few days. (Okay, a week and half, but who's counting?)  

It's really hard to lace up your tennies and get back out there when you're body is feeling sluggish from excessive indulgence in sappy romantic movies and holiday turkey.  After even a short period, it's hard for me to get going again and I'm a marathon-participating, Runner's World-subscribing, bona-fide lover of sneaks beneath my feet making a soft pitter-patter along the road.  I can't imagine how tough it is for those out there who only have a vague inclination that they should be out there jogging.  

Still, it has to be done.  And there's nothing more difficult than having to restart your engines after you've let them settle a bit.  I could have easily thrown down eight or ten miles three weeks ago, but now that I have been a little bit of a bum the last two, I dread the thought of walking around the block.  I feel frustrated that I've let my runner's high wane enough that it will take a week or so to get it back.  The first few runs will be hard and uncomfortable.  Which only feeds the desire to remain on the couch instead of trodding around the golf course trail.

And though you haven't heard from me in a while... you remember me well enough to know that I started to apply that lesson to other things in my universe.  So many life-altering events have happened in the few months since I wrote to you last, I started to feel more and more overwhelmed by how much I needed to share.  I started feeling overwhelmed at the growing task of writing pages upon pages of events to you, and the lessons I learned in them, that instead of just getting it out little by little, I let it build up to where it seemed a most impossible task to catch up.  That overwhelm inevitably lead to the place where I didn't end up writing anything at all.  Oh how it can mirror the career, eh?

So today is my walk around the block.  I have much to share on the play, the life of an understudy, the reviews in all the papers, the success (and failures) of the show.  I also need to tell you about my drastic change in survival jobs and the crazy adjustment it has been (and still is).  There's so much to share on life, and love and career that I can't possibly get to it all now.  

But I'm still here and determined to get my runner's high, as well as my blogger's high, back so that you and I can keep on going after this dream.  Let's lace up our shoes and pound some pavement -- the running kind and the Hollywood kind.