Sunday, September 7, 2014

Anonymous Screenwriter

I have returned to Los Angeles after a month of shooting on location on two movies. It has been an awesome ride.   They aren't big budget, summer blockbusters, but they were fun movies, some of my best work and a teeeeny bit of cash in my pocket. Though when all is said and done, I actually lost money by being out of Los Angeles for so long, but that's why this career is so difficult.  In order to advance, you will inevitably have to choose the baby steps that can help you move forward over a bigger paycheck. You have to hang on, keep working hard and believe that someday, there actually will be a bigger paycheck.

More great news, in my down time on set, I was able to hash out an outline for an incredible feature I've been trying to write. (!!) I mentioned I'm trying to write a feature, right? I've been writing to you so long I have trouble remembering everything I've already said. I could have sworn I posted before about my many attempts to write a screenplay, but I couldn't find it to link.  Let me know if you happen across one. 

Anyway, since I've been back at home I have been writing feverishly and have thirty pages down.  Those thirty pages will obviously evolve, but I am well on my way to writing, producing and starring in my own feature!  That's a crazy new adventure that I will, of course, share with you every step of the way.

Right now, I'm all Hemingway and shutting myself up with my typewriter computer until I hammer out a first draft.  It's a bit anti-social, but it's also curbing the inevitable emotional drop that happens after a production finishes.  I've always called it the "post-show come-down", but someone on this last crew named it the "production hangover".  It's so true and happens to everyone. Every time.  You get home and back to "reality" and start to madly miss the crew family and dream of being back on set laughing at all the same inside jokes.  We'll never be assembled in the same place at the same time ever again and it's a little heart breaking.  But it's part of the business and at least we'll have the final movie and all the memories to cherish forever.

And of course... despite having just rocked two features, being back in LA means we're back to the grind and on the hunt for the next job... I can't WAIT for what's up next!!!