Friday, February 10, 2012

Rep Meetings; Part Two

At this stage of my career, when I go to rep meetings, it's not like an episode of Entourage.  I'm not riding an elevator to the top floor and taking a seat on a plush leather sofa.  Assistants and junior agents aren't falling all over themselves to make sure I'm comfortable.  I'm not led into a big, glass-walled conference room, and my arrival certainly doesn't trigger the start of the meeting.  Nope, I still have to sit and wait for them to be ready for me.

Maybe someday Ari Gold and five of his minions will whisk me into a conference room with a view of the Hollywood sign while they pitch why I should choose them.  Someday.  But right now, it's walking up the flight of stairs, if there are any stairs, to cramped little offices.  No lobbies to speak of, no fancy furniture, just an agent sitting at a desk with a computer and a phone... helping feed the beast that is Hollywood.  And when it's over, I'm the one waiting for the phone call.

But despite the humble, (though still funky and quite charming), exterior of the agency today... I loved them.  They weren't the biggest names that attended my showcase.  In fact, I wasn't too sure I would want to be with them because they are a fairly new boutique.  Just two agents who had previously been with a larger agency, but split to start their own.  I was concerned that, as a new agency, they wouldn't have the clout to get their actors into big-time casting offices.  But as soon as I started asking around, I learned that everyone thought they were gold.  After this meeting, I want to help them become platinum. 

There was a funny moment when they first called me.  While setting up our meeting time, I asked if they wanted me to prepare anything.  She said, "Nope.  We just want to sit and chat."  Right.  I forgot.  They saw my work at the showcase.  They know what I can do... that's why they're calling... This is just a personality interview.  Anony's got this.

So while most girls my age are checking their phone every five minutes to see if their valentine called... I've already ignored the texts from three different guys tonight because I really just want to hear from one number.  I would love to work with these ladies.  I feel like a giddy little girl after my first date, wondering when they're going to call me again. 

I'll probably doodle the agency name inside a heart on my notepad in a meeting at work tomorrow.

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