Friday, April 12, 2013

Say It With Me, "Sleep Is Good For You."

Want to know one of my vices?  Work.  Momentum.  I get going and there's always one more email I can send.  One more informative article I can read.  One more shift I can work.  One more script I can prepare.  One more blog post I can write...

I end up finally clicking the light off at one in the morning, then spend the next hour shushing my brain that's jumping up and down like a mad scientist on crack.  Eventually I finally do fall asleep, but not for long.  My internal clock turns on all the lights in my head at about 5:30 am, all revved up to get going on the agenda for the day ahead.  It's a wonderful gift to be so motivated and full of momentum and enthusiasm for the hustle, but you can't cheat biology.  Going at that pace for extended periods of time is unsustainable.

And my body must be very tired, because I've just developed a little bit of a cold or something.  I set an intention or mantra for every yoga practice, and for the last few days, I have been thanking my body for being strong and carrying me through a crazy couple of weeks.  Literally out loud saying to myself, "Thank you, body, for being so strong for me."  Still, as strong as my body is, it does need to rest.  So I called out of work sick tonight and am already nestled under the covers.  Naturally, I had to write one more blog post about it... but this is a short one.  Just a reminder to all of you to take care of yourself.  Your body needs rest.  I'm going to try to get at least 8 hours of it tonight.  Maybe even more if I can stand it.

Plus, I have to sing on Monday.  The cast of the play has been asked to perform a number from our show at a benefit, so I have rehearsal this weekend and a performance in front of god knows how many people.  I need to kick this bug pronto.

Good night.  Sleep well and rest easy, my friends.

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