Tuesday, November 11, 2014

If You Learn One Thing...

How often do we say an audition is never about that one job? 

We should say it daily. You should never walk into an audition desperate to land the role. Sure, sometimes we all fall in love with a character we'd love to play, but that's a different desire.  I'm talking about needing the role because you desperately need the money, or the credit, or the reassurance that you're not wasting your entire life pursuing something you'll never get. You can't let that kind of toxic nonsense enter your mind, especially not while you're in the room.  

I know I've said it before. Lots of people who give great advice have said it to you before. (And somewhere here, but I can't find a specific link... so just read them all.  You'll be better for it.) The audition is not actually about a particular job.  Never tell yourself that if you don't get it, you failed.  It's not about that role, it's actually about the people in the room.

Do you trust me on this yet? Have you internalized that advice?  You should.  Here's why...

You may remember this last fall. The female lead in a feature, the producer loved me and really went to bat for me to the writer/director. I went 3 or 4 rounds of callbacks. It was down to me and one other lady... and she got it.

That same producer called me about a month ago and asked if I was interested in the lead in a micro-budget film.  The writer/lead actress had to drop out five days before production was supposed to start.  Ultimately I decided to pass on the movie (it was non-paying and the script was meh at best), but it was wonderful that the producer called me. He totally understood and respected that Anony gotta pay the utility bill!

Flash forward to last week, that same producer is on a biiiiiig movie.  It's not necessarily a huge budget, but it has lots of stars and lots of attention.  I called him up and asked for a copy of the script to see if there's anything right for me...

And sure enough, there was... I sent my materials and the producer pitched me to the director... and the director said, "She's great.  Let's get her on tape."

So while I didn't land the movie last fall, the auditions (and my diligence in keeping up with this contact) has gotten me a shot at two more movies.  It's never about the one job.

Okay, I'm off.  I have a self-tape to do!

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  1. AHHH CROSSING MY FINGERS FOR YOU!! xoxo Love that you've been updating more frequently!