Monday, November 25, 2013

Close Does Count in More Than Horseshoes and Hand Grenades

Just found out that I didn't end up booking either play.  

I guess it's reassuring to see that I'm definitely doing something right because both came down to me and one other girl.  (Are you sensing a pattern here?) But in what can only be described as irony, the first play went with the other girl because I just looked too young and the second because I didn't quite look young enough.  It's that classic story they always tell us actors to describe how arbitrary booking really is... it's just a little more annoying when it actually happens to you.  In the same week.

One casting director tells you you're too tall and you turn around and another says you're too short...  Or too young/too old/too hot/not hot enough... there is some random silly thing that you have no control over that will knock you out of the running at some point.  It's frustrating, but it's inevitable.  Still, you and I have been around the block to know that it is never about the one job.  It's about getting in there and nailing it and making fans in the room. 

There were seven people I made solid impressions on during the five rounds of casting I had last week, including one I've been trying to get in front of for a year.  Though I'm not walking away with a role today, you bet your britches I'll be watching their next projects like a hawk for any parts that are right for me.  Coming this close will definitely help me get in front of them again, and someday the part will be right for me.  Stay tuned to see how it pays off down the road.

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