Thursday, August 7, 2014

We Love You, But....


Unless you have what is called a high "TVQ", I guess you don't matter in this stupid town.  And of course, it's impossible to build it because no one will give you a shot unless you already have it. Sometimes I wonder if talent even counts for anything anymore. I can't tell you how many times I've heard this phrase in the last year: "We love you, but we just have to go with a bigger name."

First, it's the countless auditions I can't even get into because I need more recognizable credits in order to be granted access to the casting office.

Then it's things like this movie where the Executive Producer wanted me and put fierce pressure on the first time Director.  But of course, the role went to some UTA repped chica who was perceived as more recognizable.  (But really, you wouldn't even know her name.) (To add insult to injury, after the movie was wrapped, that same EP and other people I knew from the shoot openly admitted I would have been better in the role.)

Then it's another feature I basically booked this month... "The whole office just loves you" and "you're so talented."   Then the producer emailed me last week apologizing profusely because their distributors had rejected the entire cast they selected.  He was equally as frustrated at having to start the casting process again from scratch and was nice enough to take the time write:
Then today I saw that a very good friend of mine of five years is (finally) directing his first feature!!  Yay!  Supporting his work through grad school and helping on a few little shorts here and there (plus the fact that once upon a time we dated for a hot second)* is finally going to pay off!!!  I immediately texted him and sent a link to my new reel...
Awesome right??  Well, just hold on a second. This came next...
Of course they want someone with more TVQ.  Everyone does.  But my question is... HOW CAN A TALENTED, DEDICATED, (APPARENTLY) NOT BAD LOOKING GIRL GET SOME TVQ AROUND HERE??

Anyone?  Anyone??


*For the record: I would NEVER sleep with someone for a role, and neither should you, that's totally beneath you.  I'm just saying, if I'm still good friends with an ex, I will absolutely make that phone call.


  1. I'd really like to know how certain actresses got roles before they were famous. I mean, we know how Emma Roberts and so on get their roles... but people without connections (do they even exist?)

  2. It's a good question, Theresa, and one that frustrates me constantly. I think the truth is, everyone struggles until the "one" that starts to get them noticed. However, it's muuuuuuuch easier when you're a kid, or under 20, because the industry is much more flexible about small resumes. Once you're over 25ish though, a lot of industry-types expect you to have a few legitimate credits by that time, so it becomes more of a battle. Mostly because your competition has more credits (because some of them HAVE been here since they were kids), so naturally the producers with flock to them.

  3. They start in the business very young. At this time it's easier to book because the competition is always aging. Starting older puts you at a slight disadvantage in the industry but at a higher advantage in life. Give it time. To anony: this director could bring you in the room but is probably on edge being his first film wirth someone else's money. And he can be fired just as quick as anyone else. Be patient. He'll probably use you when he's able