Saturday, August 9, 2014

A Saturday Morning Call

August is for movie making!!

I just got the greatest phone call.  The kind we live for in this hustle.  The real in-the-trenches, how shit actually happens kind of call.  

One of the films I came close on last month, remember the one where I nearly got the role, but then the distributors rejected the cast?  The producer just called me, incredibly stressed and left the sweetest message:

"I'm so sorry this is last minute. "

"We had some problems with another actress for a different role."

"We need to replace her and with someone, frankly, more talented."

"We shoot in three days."

"Is there any way you can help us out?!"

It was the greatest feeling in the world, not only because I actually prefer this role and not only because it was an offer for the second movie I'll be shooting this month, (and also not because this film already has distribution) but because this phone call was from a producer who needed my help.  Not me begging to be hired on someone anyone's project (which it feels like most of the time).  He was over the moon grateful that by saying yes, I solved a (big) problem for him. 

THIS is how careers are built.  By working hard to meet people, stay on their radar and be ready for the right phone call at the right time.  Because the phone WILL ring eventually.

So I better start packing my bags and memorizing lines... I've got ten days of shooting this month!  And (surprise), I leave this weekend!!

...Like I always say, never a dull moment around here...

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