Thursday, November 21, 2013

The Morning After

Yesterday? Amazing.  Filled to the brim with auditions and me just loving every minute of it.  An entire day devoted to the hustle.  Callbacks for great roles in great projects with great feedback.  I've worked hard the last few days preparing the twenty-ish pages of material and I truly enjoyed playing with them in the audition room.  No in-room anxiety about booking the jobs.  Just honest-to-goodness pleasure in getting to perform them, even if it ends up being just this one time.  I ended yesterday on the couch in an exhaustion coma, but with a smile on my face.  That little smile you get when you're utterly content.

Enter today, and with it, the hard part.  While I've already heard from one CD that my read yesterday was "terrific", no decisions have been made yet.  And guess what?  It's on with the hustle.  It's time to let these roles go and move on to whatever is ahead.  Nothing was perfect, but I felt solid and completely happy with my performances.  I gave them my 100% best shot.  Whatever happens next is completely out of my hands.  While I feel I nailed them, would be great in each role, and being in either production could bring big opportunities my way, I cannot hang success or failure on whether I book or not.  So best to put it all out of my mind and get back to the hunt for the next audition.

Like I said.  This is the hard part.  Way easier said written than done.

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