Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Someday This Will Be the Norm

Today was one of those special days.  Those days when, halfway through, I have to pinch myself to make sure I'm actually awake and not just dreaming.  It was a professional actor type of day.  If this career were a ship, I would have to admit that it doesn't always float along powered only by the winds of acting.  I still have to get out my paddles and row with a survival job to stay afloat.  For now anyway.   But today was one of those glorious days that tasted of things to come.  Of the times ahead when acting is all there is, days are full of auditions, and the promise of projects dance on the horizon.  

First, as luck would have it, both callbacks were scheduled for nearly the exact same time this afternoon. And naturally they were on complete opposite sides of town.  So last night, after some schedule scrambling with the casting directors, I was able to arrange arriving a little early to the first, and late to the second. (I also begged the LA traffic gods to be forgiving just this once.)  Plus, it didn't hurt that I let it slip that both these auditions were callbacks, and both final round chemistry reads... in a town where everyone waits for someone else to take the first big risk, it never hurts to appear highly sought after.    

I had a 1:00 in North Hollywood, which ran late, but the director said, "Only because I know you're short on time, we won't do the redirect, but I don't even need to see it anyway.  You're so strong, I know you could handle it without any trouble."

Then I jumped in my car to zip back to the west side for callback number two.  En route, I received an email from my commercial agent about an audition tomorrow.  Great news, but after a little discussion we decided I wasn't quite right for it, so we passed.  Flash forward four freeways and forty minutes later, my commercial agent is calling me again with questions about another project they're pitching me on.  She'll update me on that soon and promises to come see me if I get one of these plays.

I finally arrive to my next callback at 2:45 and pair up with my chemistry partner.  We run our scene a few times, get comfortable with each other, try to make some sort of a connection.  In about fifteen minutes, this stranger and I have to stand on a stage in front of ten people (we've barely met) and make them believe we're falling in love with each other.  Using the words someone else wrote.  The CD prepped us a little going in and said, "I need the energy between you two to be electric up there. It has to be HOT."

Okay, sure. Yeah yeah.  What was your name again?  You cool if I kinda grab you at this part?  I'm so sorry if I have coffee breath, I ran out of gum on the way here.  It's been a long day already.  But... uh... let's go get 'em, huh??

P.S. I love my job.  It's 100% insane, but god I love it.

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