Friday, November 22, 2013

It's a Small Town, Really

One of the perks about being a professional actor in Los Angeles -- and trust me, very few sentences begin with that phrase -- is that we get to see pretty much every movie for free.  Something you want to see?  Guaranteed that at some point there will be a screening of it somewhere in this city and all you need is your guild card to sit in the plush studio seats and enjoy.  I take advantage of this perk whenever I can.  I feel like it's a little restitution for all the hardship this industry puts us through.

So last night, I was trying to keep my mind off my pending auditions like a good little actor, and took a friend to see a screening of a great film that will release in a couple months.  Twenty minutes into the movie, in walks a character who looks strangely familiar... the actress was my partner for one of the chemistry reads on Wednesday.

Sometimes there's no getting away from it.

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