Thursday, July 18, 2013

Begin Rant

Ugh! I am more than a little frustrated.

You would think that having a credit on a major show would be enough to be seen for other small co-star roles. I keep seeing breakdowns released for characters like:

[Flight Attendant], 1 scene 2 lines. I'm sure she says something like, "Sir, can you please take your seat." Or "Would you like some pretzels?"

[Waitress], 2 scene, 1 line. "Would you like cream and sugar with that?"

I mean, we're not exactly talking about big fat juicy stuff here. There is no reason why I shouldn't have co-star auditions 3 or 4 times a week. I fit into one of the most common categories for these little itty bitty roles. They come up all the time. And god knows I can do them. I just had a scene opposite a major show's lead character. My scene was with an Emmy-winning superstar, and while it was still small, I did a heck of a lot more than, "Mr. Jones, you have a call on line two."

I was chatting with my agent about getting in for more of them, expressing my frustration. I asked what kind of resistance he was getting while pitching me and if I could give him anything that would remedy it. He said the casting offices were very open to his pitch and submission, but were just shying away after looking at my resume and seeing only one network credit.

Excuse my language... but fuck them. One credit is a hell of a lot better than none and how the hell am I supposed to get another one if they never bring me in? Jesus. Do I have to spend another year fighting tooth and nail for one goddamn co-star audition a month? With so few, it will take at least another 12 months to land one or two that are actually right for me. And then will the freaking CDs finally start seeing me as legitimate talent? Probably not. After a couple co-stars I'll be ready to make the jump, but then they'll probably refuse to bring me in for a guest star so I'll have to fight the same fucking battle all over again.

SUUUUUCH a waste of time and my prime leading lady years. My agent reassured me that we'll pick up more credits, he knows I'm about to hit some. He can feel it. But god it is just so frustrating to see so many piddly roles pass by and to not even get a shot at them.

Sometimes this whole thing fucking sucks.

Sorry. End rant. I'll stop dropping f-bombs now.

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