Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Today's To Do: Get One New Fan. Status? Done.

I've come to accept that I'm a weird blend of opposing elements.  I am reasonably aware of and generally on board with fashion trends and the American Top 40, yet I love anything vintage and most of my favorite tunes are in my vinyl collection.  I have a flat screen, a GPS watch for running and more ipods than I should admit to, but most of the novels I read are considered "classics" and many of my dishes are farmhouse antiques.  I am quite modern and tech savvy, yet deep down I kind of loathe social media.

But loathe it or not, we live in a world and industry where social media reigns king and I have (reluctantly) come to realize that it would be downright stupid of me to ignore the potential for generating buzz online.  Especially because it is totally free.  There are so few tools available to us actors to push our career forward which require no cash upfront.  So like a good little hustler, I've started to make moves into getting my face and name into the Facebook/Twitterverse.  

I have my little profiles set up, handles secured, pictures uploaded, tweets tweeting.  It's all up and running, though I'm admittedly still getting the hang of the whole thing and my follower count is fairly modest.  Then I wanted to add the hip "follow me on [insert major online hub here]" buttons to my official website.  It requires adding custom script into your html code.  (God, I'm probably saying that all wrong.)   But whatever.  I'm savvy enough, I know what I have to do and basically how to do it.  I just occasionally run into snags... like why does it actually say "script embedded into html code" above the nifty little button I just added.  I don't want that there.  Get off.  I just want the stinking button.  

After a few minutes of fumbling around, I finally just called the support line for my website builder.  The girl was wonderful and instantly fixed it for me.  Then as she's checking links on my site, she saw my "recent news" page and all of a sudden freaked out...

"Wait!!  You were on that tv show?!?  Oh my god!  That is my favorite tv show, I've been watching it since day one.  That was you?!?  Oh my god, oh my god!  I'm in Iowa, nothing like this ever happens!  Oh my god, I can't wait to tell my friends that I helped you!"

Yep, yep.  That was me.  

"Oh my god, I'm totally following you on Twitter."

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  1. Everytime I read your blog, it literally KILLS me, because the mystery of who you are is sooo overwhelming!! Hopefully someday you'll let us know!! :)