Monday, April 30, 2012

Let the Bidding Begin

I was driving home from a shoot Saturday night and looked up to see this billboard.  WGN claims:
"It's Upfront Time and We're Lookin' Good" 

The light was about to change and I wanted to live through the intersection so it isn't the best shot, but the small asterisked disclaimer says:

"Even if you don't know what an upfront is."

I always love these cheesy industry focused billboards because it reminds me that I'm right in the heart of all the action.  That the leaders in TV and film are driving the same streets I drive.  Maybe they're in that Bentley one lane over.... 

Happy upfronts time!  In case you don't know, it's the time of year the networks package up their beautiful new pilots with their established shows and sell most of the year's advertising "upfront."  Why is this important?  It's time to place your bets on which pilots get picked up.  Though I didn't get cast in one (hell, I didn't even test for one), I still watch the upfronts like a hawk.  I've read most of the scripts and am crossing my fingers for the ones with story lines that are likely to need my type in future episodes.  As soon as I know... it's off to the races to start marketing to those shows so when they get back from hiatus and start casting again... they'll know I'm out there.  

They can't cast who they don't know.

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