Monday, April 24, 2017

Pay It Forward

At any audition, it's not about booking the role. You know that, I've told you before. 

(I have told you before, right? I've been writing this for a while. I forget. Well, if I haven't told you, undoubtedly someone in LA has. And if they haven't yet, they will.)

It's never about booking the role. It's about doing great work, meeting casting and filmmakers and winning them over. It's about getting fans. That's how you get more auditions.  More auditions will inevitably lead to more bookings. It's just math, kids.

I didn't land the lead in that movie last week. I received such great feedback on my initial submission, I figured it was worth the risk and emailed casting to follow up. Casting graciously responded that she "LOVED my tape and shared it with the team." Unfortunately, they decided to just go ahead and make an offer to a "name."

Ugh. Is my blog getting repetitive?? Yeah. It is for me too. 

Still, it's not about this role, it's about winning the room. I thanked her and offered my assistance as a resource. The film was slated to shoot in my home state, after all. She was ecstatic to have the help and I spent the following afternoon getting in touch with some folks to find her local talent to fill a couple bit parts. 

It wasn't too much effort -- just a few emails -- and she was incredibly appreciative. Most importantly, it never hurts to have a casting director in the position of owing you a favor... you can bet your britches I'll call that in at some point.

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