Thursday, July 10, 2014

The Show Must Go On

Somewhere a camera starts rolling.  Somewhere a stage awaits.  Somewhere a mark is just waiting to be hit.  Lines are itching to be learned.  The show must and always will go on.  So must my career. 

You may have noticed, I took a breather.  A little vacation.  I always think I should let you know when I'm about to do that because you keep coming back here even when I'm not writing.  But some of the fun is not knowing, right?  Right?? 

I wish I were the type of girl who's so together that I could know exactly when I'm about to hit burnout mode and politely tell all my friends/family/readers that I am about to go off the grid for a stretch.  I wish I were so together that I could look at my calendar and think, "Okay, here's where I'm going to need to take a month to just clear the Hollywood fog out of my brain," and schedule it in like a boss.  I bet Gweneth Paltrow is that together.

Sadly, I'm not that together girl.  Sometimes I don't know I'm headed for a mental vacation until I'm three days into a carb and netflix binge that ends with me getting in my car and driving up the PCH until the sun goes down.  I blame it on my creative nature.  I blame it on my obsessive nature.  I blame it on my ambition that sometimes drives me into the ground. I blame it on the brutality of this business.  It's okay though, all that actually makes me stronger and drives me forward.  Also, I know you'll be okay.  Because you know I'll always come back.  I'll always find my way back to these keys to keep telling you about this crazy ride into a career on the big screen.

Fair warning for next year: this time of year is sort of check-out time anyway.  Episodic season wraps in May.  Summer features are often cast by then too.  Most of the overworked, underpaid, under-appreciated people in this industry are fed up with each other and check out during the early summer months.  I'm no different.  After having nearly landed my first pilot, after having gotten close-but-no-cigar on half a dozen shows and movies, after abruptly losing my closest agent, I just needed a Break-with-a-capital-B.  

So I took one.  I hiked.  I traveled.  I painted.  I drew.  I sang.  I wrote.  I read.  I sewed.  I yoga-ed.  I wine-ed.  I dined.  I needed to create a bunch of art for the sake of creating art and without needing permission from a CD or a producer to do it.  I needed to play just to play.  I needed to live just to live, laugh just to laugh and love just to love.   I took a royal leave from this unending, often unrewarding grind.  I clearly needed it, and should have done it way sooner.  It took me a little longer than it should have re-ignite my motivation, but we got 'er restarted.  We're back in business baby.  And we're poised for one helluva ride this year.  

Stay tuned... much to share...

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  1. So glad you're back! Hope your break did wonders for you. Can't wait to see what's in store :)