Monday, July 21, 2014

Anonymous Publicist

So far this publicity thing is going well, I guess.  Much like watching the breakdowns, it's watching a constant stream of event press releases for ones that fit a certain criteria.  My basic requirements at the moment are events that: 
  • A) I can get into, 
  • B) have media attention so someone will actually see me and, 
  • C) I can get into.
My first impression?  There's a hell of a lot of stuff going on in Los Angeles.  Every day.  I'm talking 3-6 events a night to choose from.  Granted, not all of them fit the above criteria (namely A and C), but we're certainly not lacking in opportunity.

Still, I'm trying.  I'm getting my sea legs in this whole process since I am not working with a publicist.  Normally they would be doing this pitching business and just tell me what they got me into.  It feels a little wannabe to be asking for myself.  (And god knows I'm not getting myself any free clothes at this point.)

"Hi, my name is Anony and I'm an up-and-coming actress"..... blah blah blah, blatant self-promotion... add a little wit... include a picture so they can see I'm actually professional (and not half bad looking)... close with some sort of a well-crafted reason why I would "just love" to attend the event -- carefully omitting that I want to go to toot my own horn -- and viola!  There's my pitch email.  

So far I've gotten a few good responses from publicists I thought would totally ignore me.  I have one charity event confirmed and I'm wait-listed for another small premiere.  I don't know if "wait-listed" is just a standard euphemism for "no", but I guess we shall find out.  Much like auditioning and every other part of this business, it feels awkward at first but I'm sure it will become less so as we go along.  I've already recruited a friend to pretend to be my publicist down the road if it becomes necessary, but or now, I'll see where this gets me.  

Never a dull moment in this career path, that's for sure!

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  1. I think this is genius what you're doing. Do you usually bring someone to the event with you or do you go alone? I could imagine it's the latter simply because if it's hard to score yourself an invite, it's probably even tougher to get a +1. And if you go alone, what's your strategy for socializing with people you maybe don't know... basically how to go solo without coming off as having no one to sit with, etc. Or maybe solo attendees are the norm and I'm just totally uneducated as to how these things work??