Wednesday, April 16, 2014


Most days I feel like I lead a relatively normal life.  Well, that's not entirely true.  I do lead a pretty non-traditional life for a twenty-something working on her career.  No office job.  No mortgage.  No munchkins.  Pilots and features and auditions and scripts pretty much run my life. But outside the obvious, I do the same things every other warm-blooded human does day to day.  I pay taxes.  I do my laundry.  I gab with friends, gush over guys, daydream about traveling, read magazines.  I put my pants on one leg at a time.  I may be running lines and crying in front of strangers more often than normal people would think is possible, but I do my grocery shopping and netflix binging just like everyone else.

But there are some days I just feel sooooooooo..... Hollywood.  I was running low on headshots last week, ordered a new batch, and it was just a such a glorious day when I went to pick them up, I did a quick power loop through Runyon Canyon (The cliche of "sceney non-scene" hikes in LA).  It overlooks the Hollywood sign, everyone is in fancy expensive workout gear doing group yoga on the grass and celebrity sightings are commonplace.  I walked into the photo lab a little sweaty and pink from the SoCal sun, but still felt fancy because the entire staff of one of the biggest labs in town knows me by name.  

Two days later, I was in a studio getting a little wardrobed and beauty prepped for the upcoming commercial shoot.  I felt a little like an old pro, using the inevitable wait-time to do boring stuff like check emails and arrange appointments while the giddy girl next to me bubbled about how it was just so exciting to book her first commercial.

Another day, I was out for a drive (and another hike) in Malibu and stopped to grab an amazing superfood smoothie from Sunlife (the BEST place for yummy, good for you health concoctions).  Posted outside was this sign....
And today I am required to go get a manicure because my commercial shoot is tomorrow... expenses paid by the production company, of course. 

Yeah, I guess this life isn't really that normal after all.

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