Thursday, April 10, 2014

And When You Least Expect It

Well, pilot season is basically over and the slow down pretty much knocked me back into the couch and pinned me there for the past couple days. (Okay... more than a couple days.)  While I'm very proud of the last few months, I hit a bit of low motivation this last week.  It's pretty emotionally exhausting to work so hard, come so close over and over again, and turn up with nothing.  

It's exhausting.  It's infuriating.  It's confusing.  

In times like this, the biggest battle is to keep the doubt at bay.  But of course, this is exactly when it comes knocking at your door.  My default defense?  Check out, carb load and binge anything on Netflix.  While it is absolutely healthy to let go of the industry periodically just to reboot, there are better ways to do it than spend four days like a bump on a log.  But sometimes I'm totally guilty.  It takes me a few days, but eventually I pick myself back up and start at it again.  (Note to self: must get better at avoiding this.)

Ironically, while in the midst of my self-indulgent multi-day nap, not having submitted for a single breakdown in days... I received a phone call.  A producer who had cast me in a commercial six years ago called me and booked me for another one shooting next week.  It's not totally out of the blue; I noticed he was still actively producing a few months ago and reached out to stay in touch.  

But isn't that just the joke of this business??  There was one week this pilot season when I had seven auditions, more than 70 pages of script to prepare.  I was running all over town, sending post cards, doing workshops, networking events, the works... and no booking.  But the week I collapse on the couch and hide my face from the world, I book a nice little project that will more than cover next month's rent.  

Ain't that a kick in the head?  This business is anything but predictable.

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