Friday, March 21, 2014

When Your Ship Hasn't Come In

Have you been anxious for good news?  Have you checked the blog since last week?  And checked again?  And again? And again?

I'm right there with you.  But unfortunately, no news.  :(  It's looking like I didn't get it.  Agent and I feel like we would have had an offer by now. The cruelty of this industry is such that even when you're pinned, it's not likely that they'll call you to let you know they went with the other girl.  You just watch the shoot days silently drift by like a sailboat that's so far away you can't hear or see a thing... but you know there are actually people on that boat having a great time.  Lots of people, including the girl who got the phone call you never got.  

And there you are, left standing on the shoreline.  Fighting back tears, pretending like you don't care. 
But you do.  You do every time.

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