Thursday, July 25, 2013

And Now We Wait

However you feel right now, you know like... "Sheesh, I wish Anony would update us on how the audition went."  Yeah, that feeling?  Multiply it.  Times a million. That's how I feel right now. 

It went well.  Really really really well.  It was a pre-read, so we have more rounds to go, but I'm feeling good.  After I read with the associate, he gave me a redirect.  Which I did.  Well.

Then he said, "Um... just hang on a second." 

Then he left the room.

And then I kinda went, "wtf?!" inside my head.  But I sorta knew it was good, so I sat to wait patiently.

Then he returned.  With the head casting director.  Who shook my hand.  (Which rarely happens in a casting office).  

Then he said, "Okay.  Do it again using that redirect."

And I did.  And they loved it.

Soooo that feeling you've been having, wanting to know the outcome?  That's me right now times a bajillion.  My cell phone is practically glued to my palm and I'm trying to will my agent's name to pop up on the screen.

Ok Anony.  Just breath and try to enjoy your dinner plans tonight.  Breath.... 

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