Friday, April 5, 2013

Obnoxiously Silent Phone

I think I've mentioned already that it's been a busy week.  I've been all over this town.  Shooting for the show, delivering my custom cupcake thank you gift to the casting office, working my regular job, starting a new job, dinner meeting for a potential other side job, meeting for a potential new agent, casting workshop, childrens book reading.  I've missed yoga three times this week because my to-do list has been a mile long and there are only so many hours in the day.

My dining room table is a catastrophe of headshots and post cards, and demo reel label test prints.  My bedroom is... is... well, it's as if hurricane Anony has just passed through and there's no sign of survivors.  I'm pretty sure the crazy tv makeup I washed off after the shoot is the culprit for the grimy layer in my bathroom sink, but it could be that I have just been too exhausted to clean it.

I'm so tired today I almost forgot that I'm waiting to hear back from the potential new agent that I'd really really really like to sign with.  I almost forgot.  But as the clock starts to rapidly approach the end of the work day, my mind has suddenly become very fixated on the fact that I my phone has been unusually silent today.  Walking out of that office, I felt pretty confident I'd hear back on this one, and frankly it's kinda weird that I haven't.

Oh well... only time will tell.

**P.S.  I wouldn't mind if Ry Ry popped up on my caller ID either.  Just sayin'.

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