Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Making the Short List

There are lots of lists in the world.  Some are good lists, some are bad lists.  But as an actor in Los Angeles, there is one list that getting on is priority number one.  I'm not talking about no VIP list for a Hollywood club.  I'm talking about the short list.  (Pause for the echo... the short list... the short list... the short list...)

What is the short list?  That's the list in any given casting director's head which holds names and faces of actors they like.  When you're on that short list, the casting director thinks of your name while reading scripts, planning to call you in even before they've released a breakdown for the role.  They've called you in for other characters before that haven't been quite right, didn't quite fit... but they like you and want to find one that does.  They call you back in again and again until you land the role that's right for you.

Right now, I'm so grateful.  I've made the short list in  a couple offices in town.  Yesterday, one called me in for the third time in the last few weeks.  They keep bringing me in, and I keep nailing it.  The session was incredibly relaxed and at ease because I've already been in three times.  I felt comfortable and free to have fun.  Yesterday's audition was great, but even if I don't book it, I'm confident the office will call me in for role number four... and if necessary, then five... then six....   

I don't care if it takes ten tries, I'm booking a role on this show!!

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