Thursday, April 5, 2012

If He Only Knew...

I generally don't find pleasure in other people's pain.  That's pretty much evil and wrong and a direct route to hell, or whatever equivalent you believe in.

But I can't help it, there is one exception.

Almost exactly two years ago, I walked out on my boyfriend of two years the day I finally woke up and realized he was a lying, cheating, manipulative bastard.  Over the course of the subsequent year, I completely ignored his numerous attempts to contact me to beg for mercy.  Fortunately, he has since stopped reaching out to me.  He probably thinks that I've assumed he's over me.  After all, it has been two years.

But what my ex doesn't know is that my actor website has analytics.  He doesn't know that I know that he looks at my headshots from his office computer... well... almost every day.

Bahahaha!!!!  Eat your heart out, asshole.

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