Monday, April 9, 2012

Happy Monday!

Most people I interacted with today were dragging themselves through Monday gloom.  It's always hard to get back into the swing of the weekday, especially after the weekend we just had in Los Angeles.  It was nothing short of perfection.  There was sunshine and balmy temps that kept this girl enjoying the luxury of her new walking neighborhood with strolls to the nearby gourmet grocery store, to the cafe to pick up my favorite latte in town (yes, it's worth the $6), to the farmer's market to stock up on local fresh produce and to a great Italian dinner with the roommie last night. 

Yeah, those Monday mornings always come way too early after a weekend like that.  Most people at the office show it by congregating grumpily around the coffee machine.  But not for me this Monday... I booked!!  Man, it's seemed like forever since I had a producer call to book me for a shoot.  Joining the union, and cutting way back on ultra low budget indie gigs has severely slowed my number of auditions coming in, and with that... my bookings.  But March yielded a slew of auditions (naturally, the same month of my moving apartments).  Not only did more come in, but they were for much bigger projects.  

It's funny how it plays out sometimes.  I ended up getting the sides for this particular audition at about `10:00 pm the night before -- A producer had called in the afternoon to confirm my email to send the sides.  I was kind of annoyed that they didn't just send the sides to the email I had provided a few days prior when confirming the audition, but I get it, they're busy too.  I ended up forgetting to call them back until late, so I suppose it's really my fault anyway.  
So I had very little time to prepare, but it wasn't too deep of a supporting character.  In fact, she was supposed to be annoyed... so I just used my personal annoyance to drive the scene.  After I finished my read, they immediately asked me to read for another role... a larger, recurring supporting character. 

"Can you stay for a few extra minutes to read for the other role?"

"Absolutely," I said immediately... as I thought about the fact that I was on my lunch break from my jobby-job, had already scheduled a coffee date with my agents since the office was nearby and would end up having to stay late at work to make up for every minute my lunch break ran long... all part of the juggle.

"Oh, and can you sing?  Great.  Come back with a little something for us to hear."

Okay, I'm flexible.

I went out into the lobby and rapidly made choices for the three-page script.  A few minutes later, I came back in the room determined to just be present and connected to my reader.  Lines aren't important, they know it's an ice cold read.   After the scene and by the time I was halfway through my tune (with a sore throat coming on that would lead to a lost voice two days later), the casting directors closed their eyes and swayed to my ballad.  I knew I was on the right track.  When I finished and they said, "Finally, someone who can sing."

I kind of feel bad for all the girls that were called in for that role and it ended up going to someone else.  (Me.)  

Meh, not that bad.  I'm sure I've been in their shoes before, probably more than once.  Now I'm booked for four shoot days this month.  

Happy Monday!!

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