Monday, March 12, 2012

Well, Hello There!

Trust me... If you were wondering if I was still alive this week, I was right there with you.  It was so nutty, I thought I might blow a gasket.  Fortunately, I've survived and my list of highlights to you is going to sound an awful lot like the rapid recap at the beginning of an episode of Glee.  So imagine this as an image montage with the voice over of Matthew Morrison speaking faster than a twelve-year-old girl at the Galleria:

Anony attended a theatrical agent night at a studio and though there were nodding heads during her scene, she hasn't gotten any phone calls... which actually doesn't disappoint her in the slightest because her commercial agent has been pulling double duty as a theatrical agent and even pushed really hard to get her in for a series regular role on a CW pilot.  It didn't end up happening, but the quickly developing actor-agent relationship has Anony very much in love with her commercial rep. 

The Anony-style of acting is flourishing and picking up momentum.  Not only were the two casting director workshops this week strong performances with stellar feedback, but while editing new work into her demo reel, Anony realized that her skill has so far progressed, that her work from six months ago is unusable... when compared to the new footage, it's just plain bad... so it's been sent to the cutting room floor.

Anony has needed to send emails to potential directors for the play for an entire week now, but hasn't had a chance to do it because she's been driving around the Westside like a maniac looking for the perfect apartment for her April 1st move.  It is unknown how many two bedroom flats there are west of the 405, but Anony is pretty sure she's seen all of them.  Fortunately, she and her friend-slash-new-roommie perfected the art of the drive-and-dial and submitted an application for their first choice.  The renting game is wrought with fierce competition and waiting for the approval was like waiting for a callback, but the verdict is in...we got it!  So aside from the pain of writing a very large check for the deposit and first month's rent, She's happy to be the proud new co-lessee of a 2+2 with a pool. 

Minor points of the week include a second date that was pleasant, but not spectacular and ultimately led to a flirty text sent to the marlin... a much needed facial... helping out in a casting session in which the director shared WAY too much personal information... and a nightmare, but while most normal people's scary dreams contain monsters or zombies, Anony's was about being late for an audition.  That's when you know it's getting to you.

And that's what you missed!

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