Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Timeline of the Last 24

They say this life is a roller coaster.  It's more like rapid directional changes in emotion at Mach 5 that would put fighter jets to shame.  Case in point... the last 24 hours:

4:00 pm -- Agent calls... I have an audition at 4:45 tomorrow for a big TV show in a HUGE office.
4:30 pm -- I get the sides, 4ish pages.
6:00 pm -- Eat dinner and watch an episode of the show to get a feel for it, meet the characters I speak to.
7:00 pm -- Start working through my scene, bury myself in the life and history of my character.
10:30 pm -- Pop a Tylenol PM because I know I'm going to have trouble falling to sleep.
11:00 pm -- Hot, hot shower and straight to bed (a little trick I learned: the rapid drop in temp triggers sleep).

4:00 am -- I am wide awake and thinking about my scene, working it out in my mind.
5:00 am -- Get up, shower and get ready to head to work early so that I can leave early to head to audition.
7:15 am -- I'm at work and wired!  In just a few hours, I go straight to producers!!
1:15 pm -- Hop in my car to head to my coach's studio for a quick private before I head to Glendale.


1:30 pm -- My agent calls... the role was just cut from the script.  
1:35 pm -- Hang up the phone and throw a little PMS-induced tantrum for  ten seconds.
1:36 pm -- Laugh at myself.

Still, casting PROMISES to bring me in as soon as another role that's my type pops up, they really want to see me.  And thank god for my amazing agents!  As soon as that office releases a breakdown that can even remotely fits my description, they'll be all over that office like white on rice.

*Sigh.  So, a bit of bummer, but part of the business.  I was really looking forward to performing that scene, it was nice and meaty.  But you gotta stay flexible and positive and trust that there is lots more on the way.  Things are just starting to heat up.  Like my audition tomorrow for a nice big SAG national commercial...

Here's to the next 24.

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