Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Envelope, Please...

Oh Academy, you may be a big media ploy and a political machine, but I love you.  How could I not?  You're not only a wonderfully glamorous tradition but at the core, you're a celebration of one of man's greatest inventions... movies.  Movies teach lessons on love and life and adversity.  Movies stand up and speak for the people who cannot stand up and speak.  Movies carry us through the tough times and inspire us into our greatest selves.  Every person who had access to them has a cherished movie that has influenced their life.  What an awesome gift to the world.

Every time an envelope is opened, it's a Hollywood story.  It's someone's dream coming true right in front of us.  I love watching the winner hear their name, kiss their loved ones and ascend the glittery steps to accept the statuette.  I love the emotion in the speech and the absolute joy and appreciation in their voice.  That's not a ploy.  That's real. 

And Academy, though I'm writing this love letter to you from my sofa in my little Santa Monica apartment, know that my heart is on that red carpet today.  I watch knowing that someday, I'll be in that room.  Today I may be a few miles down the road, and several more miles away in my career, but I will be another Hollywood story.  I won't stop until I'm there.  I know it's possible, because I'm about to spend four hours watching dozens of people do it.  And if they can do it, so can I.

Someday, I'll be walking up those steps.  I'll turn and look at that room as I hold my Oscar, and in that moment I'll think... I guess I'm not so anonymous anymore... :)

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  1. I hear you. Its a lovely show to watch and easy to get caught up with the excitement. (if I may just express a thought to you on your lovely blog) as "no namer" actress myself, when i first started acting the Oscars and all those other awards were everything to me. I wanted them and felt that they defined what it was to be successful as an actor..I realize now though that they are not at all the goal or that. to be recognized by the world and peers for your talent doesn't have to be in the grand form of a show like the Oscars in order to feel legit or important or sucessful. Sure its nice, but the real goal, the best achievement is knowing the sincere heart and hard work you placed in your journey and the person you have become in your craft. once your satisfied with that, you dont need awards or external validation because that's the ultimate one. :) However, yes, the show is still nice to watch. And your blog is great, I enjoy it. keep it up.