Sunday, February 12, 2012

$0.45 Lady Liberties, Please

Okay, it's mailing time!!

I didn't announce the last two reps because I knew I would be upgrading in the near future, but now that I'm settled with a new agent, it's a great opportunity to get my name and face out there.  Remind all 57 casting directors on my target list that I'm around, working and gaining momentum. 

In the back of my mind the last couple of days, I've been brainstorming ideas to infuse a little creativity into the mailing.  Sure I could slap a mass-printed label on a postcard that reads: "Anony signs with XYZ Talent," but that's about as interesting as a lecture on the art of watching paint dry.  I want a little more... well, umph... than that.  Something that will make a casting director spend the one extra second it takes to think, "Hmm, that's clever," before tossing my post card int0 the trash. 

So far, I've ruled out knock-knock jokes and confetti.  Gonna make this ol' brain come up with something a little better than that.

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