Monday, December 19, 2011

How Do You Spend Your Extra Change?

Today was a little change of pace at the ol' day job.  Normally, I'm sitting in my office from about nine to six.  Well... apart from the times when I wander into other peoples' offices and blab about my most recent audition, or an almost daily ritual walk to the coffee shop with my co-workers.  And aside from the days when I leave the business world of suits that are worn with ties to audition in my suit that I wear with, well, my smile.  (Hold on there, you!  I mean bathing suit, not birthday suit!)  Yeah, I guess I really don't have what most people would call "normal" days at work. 

But this one was really out there.  I was paid to sit and work from a client's house to supervise as five people from a cleaning company literally scrubbed the place from floor to ceiling.  It took them seven hours because it was a giant house up on Mulholland Drive in the Hollywood Hills.  Huge, extravagant, and totally not my style.  

I went to the restroom and was startled when the toilet opened by itself, as if it were cheerfully greeting me to just relax and have a seat.  My first thought was, "Really?  You have so much money that you're too lazy to lift up you're damn toilet seat??"  I rolled my eyes and proceeded with my business.

...Um, it had a heated toilet seat... now that's something that's worth a few extra bucks.  I highly encourage you all to try it.

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