Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Notes From the Last Seven Days

  • Don't mess with women and their potluck dishes.  I had inadvertently selected the same dish another one of my girlfriends wanted to bring to our Turkey Day dinner... wowza!  I guess it's like wearing the same dress down the red carpet at the Oscars?  When that happens, I wonder if those actresses ever try to imply that the other did it on purpose...  (Seriously?!)
  • Karaoke in Koreatown is kind of creepy and entirely awesome at the same time.  Once you get past the fact that they don't have any country music and most of the other songs are listed in Korean, you'll have a blast!  Private room karaoke is the way to go.  Fact.
  • Football: A.) the greatest sport on the planet; B.) my favorite team is awesome and officially going into the post season and; C.) they say the Home Depot is where you meet men?  Ladies, since you won't find a Depot on Wilshire Blvd, might I suggest you go to a local bar and watch a college football game.  Trust me, sit down with a brewsky and cheer for a team (any team) and the puppies will come drooling.
  • Surprisingly, my short-term agent needs are actually being met.  You may recall from my little rant session that I'm not exactly in love with my current agent.  (If not, refresh your memory.)  But despite their less than impressive reputation... they got me out on my second commercial audition this week.  Keep 'em comin'! 
  • Over the last few days I've actually had two interviews and secured an offer for commercial representation from another (better) agency!  But I have a feeling I can get an even better one from a showcase I'm signed up for in a couple weeks.  I told these guys that I was really interested, but will be traveling for a couple weeks and need to follow through with a couple meetings I've arranged for when I get back.  Sure!  Just let them know what my decision is, they'll wait... um, I like that.  A lot.
  • If you learn one thing from me, let it be this: return your library books.  I forgot to return two that were sitting under a stack of papers since September.  I now owe the Los Angeles Public Library about $100.  I always wondered how they continued to stay funded...

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