Monday, November 7, 2011

No Time to Sleep

In my humble opinion, sleeping is about the most annoying "have to" in my life. Outside of being snuggled up against someone sexy during a rainstorm on a Sunday morning, I don't enjoy staying in bed. I get bored and start to feel guilty at how unproductive I'm being. I wish I could function on 2 hours of sleep a night, and if I could, I would. There is just too much to accomplish in a mere 24 hours if you sleep 8 of them.

Back from Vegas for one day and already hitting the ground running. Here's a little of what's on my plate this week:
  • New postcards and note cards with my new headshots arrived today. You bet I've already written ten of them to send out.
  • Took inventory on how well I'm keeping up with my mailings... I'm a little behind. Better hit it hard this week and weekend. I want to try to be seen for another co-star or two before TV goes on holiday.
  • Audition for a great little short tomorrow
  • Shooting the pilot for a new web series Wednesday
  • Need to schedule a makeup of a commercial class I missed (Wednesday night?)
  • Casting director workshop Thursday
  • Research and character work for my play, rehearsals Friday or Saturday
  • Meeting with my agent to review headshots Saturday
  • Half marathon on Sunday morning
  • Feature film audition Sunday afternoon
  • Oh yeah, and 40 hours at my jobby-job (That's another annoying "have to" for me right now.)
Yeah, baby! That's why we all call it The Hustle!!

Okay. It's almost midnight. I guess I have to sleep now.  Nighty.

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