Monday, October 17, 2011

Anonymous Producer

We may need Michael Buffer to jump in and start this one off. 

“Fighting out of the blue corner, the world-leaders in entertainment, the industry heavy-weights that have brought us national treasures like “Nobody puts baby in a corner,” “Say hello to my little friend,” and “Yadda Yadda yadda,” …FILM and TELEVISION actors! 

“Up against the red corner… with a pedigree that includes William Shakespeare and Oscar Wilde, the long revered, more prestigious and ‘legit’ I-do-it-for-the-art-of-it players, …THEATER actors!”

You can already feel the tension mounting in the room.

It’s a rivalry that spawns endless heated debates in coffee shops all around Hollywood.  In fact, it has pitted New York and Los Angeles against each other more so than if the Yankees played the Dodgers in the world series.  Every year.

Well sorry, sports fans, but I can’t make an argument either way because now I’m both!  Though I’m actively pursuing a film career, I am officially now producing my own play!!  It’s a little something I’ve wanted to put on for about ten years (yeah, since before I decided to do this as a profession), but had almost forgotten about it until last week. 

I was digging around, looking for a scene to work on with an acting buddy of mine (we get together each week and play with scenes just for the fun of it).  Then there it was on my bookshelf, this dusty little script with a character I’ve been dying to play since my days in high school drama class.  And it just so happens, that acting buddy would be perfect for the other character.  I gave him the script and he emailed me back at two in the morning that night, “This is amazing.  It’s crazy, but let’s do it!!” 

So now I have a passion project.  :)  And that passion seriously feeds a hungry soul. 

But don’t get me wrong folks… we’ve already brainstormed ideas for how we’re going to take this project from being just about the passion and turn it into a vehicle that can help both of us build our businesses.  Because that’s what it’s all about: finding ways to harness the passion, hang on tight and ride it for all it’s worth.

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