Friday, February 20, 2015

Unexpected Fuel for the Fire

Pilot season has finally started hitting me.  No, I'm not testing at the network yet, but my manager has been able to land a couple self-tape invitations.  It's been beautiful... eight auditions in the last week and a half.  It's times like this that make me feel like a "real" professional actor. 

I also haven't landed any of them.  Nadda. Zilch. (Good thing I have another one today.)

In the middle of the recent madness, however, there was this amazing moment.  As I was running around in my own little bubble, an actor recognized me at an audition. We tried to figure out how while were waiting to go in and realized it was because this casting director calls us in for a lot of stuff so we had crossed paths in his waiting room before.

The CD came out and affectionately warned us... the accompanist has been struggling a little today. You know, the accompanist who is supposed to take whatever sheet music you bring in and play right along with you... but unfortunately this accompanist couldn't sight read.  

Yeah. It's as frustrating as it sounds.

I went first and somehow made it through.  The actor complimented my song on the way out and asked me how it went. We bonded in the waiting room, laughing over needing to white knuckle through it. I tried to prepare him for what awaited on the other side of the door, wished him all the luck in the world and ran out to head to another audition.

Later that day, this was in my Facebook inbox:

I didn't end up booking this gig either, but it was so amazing to receive an unsolicited compliment like that.  Especially when you hustle and bustle around all day and it feels like no one even noticed that you were there. It's little moments like this that make this grind bearable.

It also kinda made me remember... Yeah!!  I am a goddamn star!! :)

Keep doin' your thing out there!  Be your best you and people will notice.

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