Thursday, February 5, 2015

And Like That... *hoo*... It's Gone

ARGH! I didn't get the movie. To be more specific, I didn't even get to audition.  

In a cruel twist of fate, a different star was replaced at the last minute which ended up altering my character's age.  You see, I was going after the younger sister.  But when the older sister all of a sudden becomes even older than what was originally called for in the script... I would have looked more like the older sister's daughter.  

So I'm out. Nadda. No Bueno. 

Despite having at least four different people pushing my name at them, they wouldn't budge. I admit I was pretty bummed about this one.  When you're working on hustling a film for two and a half months, it's hard to not get emotionally invested in the outcome.  Obviously, the final decisions had nothing to do with me, the role changed the week they started casting. There was nothing I could have done, but when you recognize an opportunity like that, it's hard to blink the stars out of your eyes right away after it's gone.

On a good note however... an actress friend of mine (whom I met working on this film) DID get the movie. (!!!)  I'm so proud of her, in fact I thought of her when I read the script. It's an even larger role than the one I was after and it is a Big Deal for her.  A real game changer.  And while yes, I admit I'm totally friend-jealous, I have nothing but excitement for her.  She is crazy talented and deserves every ounce of success that is definitely coming her way. Can't wait to see how this helps her career.

So for me, no movie.  But we forge ahead. I have a busy week already, three auditions by Tuesday.  My weekend is jam packed with learning new material and also trying to earn a couple bucks at my side job.  

Let's carry on, shall we?

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