Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Thank You Universe

If you're in The States, I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday last week surrounded by your loved ones!  If you're not.... I hope you were still surrounded by your loved ones!  I had a great little holiday-- or "Friendsgiving" as we hip transplants now call it--  filled with way more food than eight people could possibly consume in an entire week. It was glorious.  I took way more than my share, including two servings of pie.  Okay, three.

I didn't end up getting that movie. The one where they loved me so much that they asked me to do another tape for a major supporting role? So like, they were clearly into my work and even if I didn't get the bigger role (which I would have been a weird casting choice for anyway) I'd at least get the smaller role, right? Right??!  You would think, but no. I didn't get it.  I even got that cliche email from the producer... 

"The director really liked you but we went another way..."


Whatever. We move on.  So I thought I'd add extra whip cream to my three servings of pumpkin pie.  We're heading into the holidays after all and this industry pretty much closes down until after the new year. I figured I was safe to overindulge drown my career sorrows in sugar and wine and carbohydrates. 

Tisk. Tisk.  This is Hollywood, Anony.  You're never safe.  

I got a phone call.  I got an offer for yet a different role. I got the movie. I'm shooting on location in the south next week. 


Shit.... I gotta get to the gym!!!

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  1. Congratulations!
    I've been silently reading your blog for years and it's so encouraging to read a blog where the writer isn't giving up.
    Keep hustling- it's clearly paying off!