Friday, November 7, 2014

Reaching for the Stars is Fun, but Let's Build a Ladder to Actually Get There

If you're a SAG-AFTRA member, you probably know about the SAG Foundation events.  If you don't, you should because they're amazing.  They have free screenings followed by Q&As with the filmmakers, conversations with the creators of top television content and workshops that discuss topics that are super helpful to most professional actors.  I take full advantage of free screenings all over LA, so I've strolled into the teeny room at the SAG Foundation countless times.  The screen is kinda small, the ceiling a bit low, and I'm pretty sure the chairs were pulled from an adjacent conference room so it's not my absolute favorite place to sit for two hours. Still, it's worth it if you live in one of the major markets and you are current on your SAG dues.

But if those "ifs" don't apply to you... fear not! Lucky viewers like you can actually tune in at home, even if you don't have your fancy SAG card.  (Or if you do and you're like me and would rather avoid the traffic and parking and general annoyance of putting on makeup and prefer to just watch it from your own cozy couch with a hot cup of tea.)

Even if you're in Bulgaria and don't have a SAG ID at all, you can still benefit!  Whaaat??! Yep.  Listen closely, my young grasshoppers. The SAG Foundation posts most of the events on their YouTube channel.  Which means it's available anywhere and one of my favorite F words...


(I said, "one of"... not my "number one" favorite F word, okay?)  :)

While the Foundation does't stream the movies, they usually post everything else.  They actually stream it live if you want to feel like you're in the room, watching the conversations as they happen. That's usually not me.  I get emails promoting each event topic and if I'm interested, I leave it "unread" in my inbox to remind myself to go back and watch it... eventually.  I finally watched this one that's been in my inbox for a while now.  As in, since January. (Clearly, I'm super on top of things.)

But that's actually the beauty of these videos!  They stay up FOR-EV-ER so you can watch them WHENEVER THE HECK YOU WANT BAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!  

Okay. That was weird. 

But it's true. This was a great panel from January on goal setting, specifically tailored towards actors. I loved it and highly recommend.  There's a lot of information here -- I ended up taking bunch of notes -- but it's worth a watch from start to finish.  I'll write some thoughts about my major takeaways in future posts, but until then, here is the discussion in it's entirety should you want to take a look. (And you should.)

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