Monday, April 21, 2014

Monday Morning Surprise

Just when you start to get used to your routine and the foundation you've built for your career...

I was arranging a guest star audition today and got an email from another agent at the office.  My agent has left!  Holy smokes, kind of a shocker!! 

Well, actually not a total shocker.  My agent has been out of town for a few weeks and was taking abnormally long to respond to my emails.  For some reason I was kind of getting the hunch that something was brewing, but hadn't asked.  And the truth is, he didn't know that something was brewing in me too.  I love my agent, you know I do.  He's been hugely supportive and open to my extra-involved style of hustle.  When he signed me, he was open about being unsure just how much he could do for me at my level.  We decided to go for it, had some great times, but so far not a ton has happened.  Not that he hasn't tried, but I may just need a little extra "try." 

The timing on this is crazy, maybe even destiny.  (I can't help it.  I'm just cheesy.)  I had gone to a seminar last week to say a quick hello to an industry contact with whom I keep in touch.  It just so happened that there was an agent on the panel who perked my interest enough, I actually set up a coffee meet-up with a friend who's repped there... just to hear feedback.  He sounded like someone I may want on my side and I just wanted first-hand experience from an actor repped at that office.  It wasn't that I had made any decisions about moving, I just felt intrigued to find out all I could.  To be aware of what's out there.  I was actually kind of torn about my growing desire to make a decision to leave or stay with my current rep.

So perhaps it is perfect timing that my agent left the office.  I have a meeting set up with the other agents this week to discuss me and moving forward.  The result of the meeting will be interesting.  We're basically deciding if we'd like to stay with each other...

While I know what, I know I'll be fine, I admit there's still a little fear.  Who knows what will happen... I could be dropped and be without theatrical representation again, a tough place to be when you're still fighting for network credits.  I could love the other agents (who I've basically never dealt with, and if you remember, they all passed on me when my ex-agent signed me) and we could continue to work under the same roof.  Or I could pass on them and leave for another agency... where would I land?  Somewhere better?  Somewhere worse??

There's just a lot up in the air, but it's a natural part of the process.  One thing you can always count on in this business... it will always change on you, many times in ways out of your control.  No matter what, we have to keep up the good fight.  Keep pushing this train down the tracks.  There's only one way to go...


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