Tuesday, March 4, 2014

P-Season: Month 3 Roundup

If you're wanting to learn the rhythm of pilot season -- or if you already know and are just keeping track with me -- now that we've entered March, most series regular roles in the majors have been cast.  Every second article on Deadline is about who's attached to what, which projects that Who has done before and what big-name agency has them on its roster.  There are certainly a lot of series regs still up for grabs, but a vast majority of the slots have been filled by now.  

By "up for grabs", I mean well-repped, fairly well-established actors are still being seen for them.  The rest of us are trying every way we can to let this town know we're here too.  Trying... sometimes succeeding.  Sometimes not.  I didn't get into the room on any series regulars this year (yet?), but I put tape together for at least six of them.  No real bites, but it's solidly some of my best work to-date.  I know it sounds cheesy, but even the experience of preparing six roles and shooting self-tapes of that magnitude (my agent would certainly watch too) was one heckofaneducation.  

While all the Names who find themselves entering March without an offer start to get sick to their stomachs, right now is an exciting time to be an up-and-comer.  As the leads fill up, the CDs start looking for faces to plug into the smaller roles.  And guess what?!?  On Thursday I have an audition for a co-star on a pilot!!  

I'm getting in the room for a pilot!!

                                    During pilot season!!

                                                             On a studio lot!!


So what if it's a small role.  It actually has serious potential to recur should the series get picked up.   

But let's not get ahead of ourselves.  Most importantly, it's also for a casting director I've auditioned for at least 3 times, so I know he likes me.  In fact, he was the very first legit, network CD that called me in.  He loved my silly cover letter.  That was three years ago and he (and his associate) still remember me for it to this day.

Hardly any actors take them seriously any more... but a good cover letter can be a powerful thing...  Just sayin.

Hello pilot :)

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