Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The Not Getting is the Builder of Strength

Amen Buddha.

Okay. I have let go of these roles.  I released my desperate grip and watched them sink into the deep like Jack into the depths of the frozen ocean.  It hurt my heart to watch them drift away from me, knowing I would never see them again, but the ice has thawed and the rawness has worn off.  I have sufficiently licked my wounds, my tears have dried and my resolve is stronger than ever. 

Is that your best shot, Hollywood?  You think that's going to stop me?  

Silly rabbit.  You're going to have to come at me with a helluva lot more than that to keep this girl down.

Alright, campers.  Bloodied as we may be, let's keep fighting this good fight.  


(p.s. Thank you Secret Actress and Dion.  Thank you so very much for your amazing words of encouragement and support.  They were like warm fuzzy hugs and exactly what I needed. xoxo)

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