Thursday, August 8, 2013

Feeling Fabulous

One of my very best friends called me yesterday to share that she just got engaged. (!!)  We've known each other since grade school and though she lives back home, she's still one of my favorite peeps on this here planet.  So excited for her and her man and the adorable munchkins they'll make together someday.

More on point with what would interest you, she was congratulating me on my tv role a couple months ago.  She was laughing saying that she had numerous friends who were so impressed that "she knew someone famous."

Bahahaha!!!  Famous.  Right.  Yeah, that's me.

Someday yes, but not quite yet.  Still, after many years of being on the receiving end of endless eye rolls, people feeling the need to always qualify me as an "aspiring" actress and completely unsolicited advice on how to "make it" from everyone who thinks they're goddamn experts in the industry because they skim US Weekly... it's wonderful to finally get a little respect around here (even if it's grossly over-exaggerated).  But after weeks like the last one, I'll take it!!

Get out there and feel famous (and fabulous) today!! 


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