Thursday, May 9, 2013

Step One, Fly Back. Step Two, Hustle.

Well, my bags are packed and I'm leaving on a jet plane.  What an adventure, this movie making business.  It is long hours, and hard work but it's oh so glorious. It's waking up early and in the makeup chair as the sun rises. It's fifteen hours under the watchful gaze of that beautiful lover, the camera. It's wardrobe craziness as we switch from script day 1 to 5 then back again for pickups. It's continuity mania, crap... did I hold the drink in my left hand or right hand in the master shot?  Did I cross at line A or line B? It's being secretly scared shitless that I won't be funny... But then it's the director saying "genius" and "brilliant" after every take.  It's thanking the extras and falling in love with the other principal cast more and more every day because they're so freaking good. It's beers after wrapping and tears as the new family parts, but see you all back in LA... And maybe Sundance if we get lucky.

It was amazing and fulfilling and never enough. But alas, it must eventually come to an end then it's on to the next thing. As I was packing bag last night, there came that little reminder that its back to the hustle. My agent emailed. As soon as you're back, get your ass directly from the airport across town to your next audition.

We waste no time around here.

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