Monday, March 11, 2013

Welcome to the Hustle

Let me tell you how this business works:  You walk off the plane at LAX and producers start knocking each other over to offer you the lead in the next summer rom-com.


It's more like this:

February - begin studying with wonderful coach who helps you make a breakthrough in your approach
August - coach hears of a role in a play with industry peeps attached and sends your info
Later in August - you bust your butt in a 45 minute audition, and though you don't get the role, you are asked to understudy the lead
September - you keep busting your butt for a show that you're not actually sure you'll ever get to perform
October-December - you keep busting your butt to attend many of the shows and watch another actor perform the role you've spent countless hours putting together in case you get called to perform, but that call doesn't come.
January - you get a different call, it seems another cast member has left the show and they would like you to take over a different role for the final month of performances.  You bust your butt again to get caught up on a new role
February - you throw your heart and soul into every minute you're on stage in every performance
Later in February - the show closes and your heart breaks a little as you say goodbye to what has become a huge part of your life and career
March - you hear about a role you could be right for that's being cast for the big big TV show for which the playwright (of the play you were just in) used to write... so you ask if he can pass along your information to his folks still on the show
Later that day - your headshot and resume lands in the hands of a current writer for the big big TV show, who replies that she remembers you from the play and will get your stuff in the hands of casting
Today - you leave yoga to a voicemail from your agent with an audition for the big big TV show

So this one audition is just over a year in the making.  It's at one of the biggest, perhaps the biggest, casting offices in town.  And guess what?  It ain't no series regular.  It isn't the lead in this year's summer blockbuster or next year's pilot.  All that work is for a small co-star role with a couple lines. 

That's how tough this town is.

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