Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Playing Dress-Up

I went in for my wardrobe fitting today.  It's funny how even the parking on a studio lot is directly correlated with your status.  When you audition for the itty-bitty co-star roles, you have to park your car outside the lot and walk-on.  A drive-on is a privilege reserved only for actors of a greater significance.  Either you're auditioning for a series regular on a pilot or you're a celebrity guest star, only then can you drive on for the audition.  Otherwise bring quarters and enough time to walk halfway across the lot in order to get to your casting office, 'cuz baby, you're parking outside. 

But things are different when you actually book a role.  I got to drive on today.  I'm cheesy and this is my first major booked role, so little things like that are secretly exciting to me.

I walked through the rows and rows of talent trailers, wondering who was in them (and daydreaming that someday I would be) and reached the wardrobe department where two very wonderful women took me into a cozy little room.  There was a large mirror to section us off from the other sweet lady at a sewing machine, and the rest of the active lot.  I quickly glanced around at the extravagant costumes on bust form displays, then noticed there wasn't any sort of a changing curtain to duck behind.  I hesitated, kind of waiting for instructions to disrobe, because though I am not exactly modest in wardrobe departments, I didn't want to start undressing myself right in front of these ladies if that wasn't the proper protocol.  This is my first time on a major TV show after all, and no one gives you a heads up on the actual logistics of the process.  

I quickly said, "I'm okay to change right here, right?" 
They laughed and said, "Of course honey, it's just us."

I wanted to clarify that I wasn't being self-conscious, that I was more asking out of respect for them rather than any shyness on my part.  I decided it was best to just let the momentary awkwardness pass and started to shimmy out of my jeans.  I laughed to myself thinking, what an odd thing I do for a living... show up, strip down to my skivvies in front of perfect strangers and let them try various little outfits on me like I'm a doll. 

All in a day's work.

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