Friday, August 31, 2012

Just Wow

Sometimes it’s fun to take a break from writing about the acting stuff and share a story because it’s just funny... or shocking.  Laughably shocking.

After rehearsal for my play, I went out dancing last night. I love to dance.  I love to sip champagne and move to the music in beautiful clubs with loud music, strobe lights and fog machines.  The rhythm and vitality of the room just refills my batteries, like proximity to energy and passion transfers it directly into my bloodstream.  Generally, going out isn’t exactly a good way to meet people (people, meaning guys), but occasionally you’re introduced to a friend-of-a-friend-of-a-friend, you start chatting and all of a sudden, you find yourself laughing with someone you’re actually interested in.

That happened last night.  I was a wing-woman for a friend who was meeting a group at one of (if not the) hottest nightclubs in Los Angeles.  I’m fortunate to have made a few friends in the nightlife scene, enough to bypass the notoriously tight doors without any problems.  Once inside, we met the group and I found myself chatting with a cute guy and our chemistry was pretty tangible.  This is always exciting for me because it doesn't happen very often.  I tend to lose interest pretty quickly.

We continued to have a great time… dancing, chatting, laughing… Him: born in Boston, the middle of four siblings, sales rep for medical equipment. Me: actress, a small-towner at heart, marathoner, blogger… Just kidding!  I didn't tell him that!  Things were going just peachy.  As the night went on, we even shared a sweet first kiss. Good kisser, too. (Whew!  That’s always a moment of truth.)

Anyway, here is where it gets funny.  And shocking.

At one point, I excuse myself for a moment in order to give hellos-and-hugs to my contacts who got me and my friend in the iron-clad door.  Of course, they’re all the way up in the premium bottle service tables, an area which has its own set of velvet ropes, complete with security. We thank them, exchange a few fancy cheek-kisses and though they playfully tease us for hanging out with a group of guys with a table at the back of the club, we make our excuses and depart.  All in all… 10 minutes. Maybe 15.

We get back to the table and guess what I see... Mr. "I'm really looking to settle down" (information he offered, I neither asked for nor wanted to hear) is in a lip-lock with one of the other ladies with their group!!

I was shocked!!  I was gone, for what, like a second?  Was he so ADD that he couldn't even focus on trying to close the deal with one chick at a time?  I mean, come on.  I make no claims of territory over a guy I just met... but if you've kissed me in the last hour, I expect you to be politely waiting for me to return from the ladies room, or wherever the hell I stepped off to for five minutes. 

He looks up and sees me... and reels away from the other girl... total deer-in-headlights, kid with a hand in the cookie jar.  I just smirked and gave him a look, like "Seriously?" and walked away.

My girlfriend and I spent the rest of the evening getting VIP treatment, dancing our little booties off in the premiere bottle service section, sipping cocktails while the famous DJs were ten feet away, spinning incredible beats, lights flashing above our heads, confetti falling from the ceiling and woman dancing in a hula hoop hanging above our heads.

Just another typical night in Hollywood.

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