Thursday, August 16, 2012

Airport Humor

I literally have 27 drafts of posts sitting in my blog roll.  27 works-in-progress of stories I want to share with you, but haven't had a chance to fine-tune and finish.  It's been a long few weeks of auditions, job-hunting, more auditions, socializing to try to keep some balance, more auditions and more job hunting.  Yesterday my acting coach sent me to an audition for the lead in a pretty major play in town, written and produced by some biggies in television. 

It was a beast of an audition... with four scenes (10-12 pages of script) and three songs I needed to prepare.  In one day.  Followed by the worlds most marathon audition... I was in that room for 45 minutes, singing and acting my little booty off.  And it was my fourth audition this week.

I'm tired today. 

So while I have more on this story, and 27 others, I'll have to save it for another time when I'm not functioning solely on coffee and the remnants of an acting high.  But being exhausted from spending eight straight hours working on material for a big-time show is the good kind of exhausted.  Like when your muscles are all achy because you just beat those 9 miles into submission during your run.  (Like I did on Sunday.)       

So while even some recent construction at LAX pokes fun at all the "industry types" in this town who are perpetually writing a screenplay that never seems to materialize, I will get my 27 stories finished and posted for you, my dear readers.  Hang in there, and keep on fighting your own good fight.

I'll see you out there.


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