Sunday, March 25, 2012

35 Boxes and Counting...

It's been pouring rain today which would normally mean movie time, but I've been packing up my apartment for my move this weekend.  About 70% of my worldly possessions are in boxes at the moment which always feels kind of strange to see your life housed in cardboard stacks.  I'm excited to make the move...  but a smidge nervous... yesterday I auditioned for a little short that sounded like a fun script.  After a very strong audition, they excitedly asked me if I'd be available to shoot this weekend in the evening. 

Can I really spend five hours in the morning hauling boxes and furniture up to my new third floor apartment... then spend the evening shooting until midnight???  This is one of those moments in which I wonder if I'm overly ambitious and stretching myself too thin, or I'm just doing what it takes to be committed to my work.  

Jury is still out.  I'll make my final decision if and when they offer me the role.

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