Tuesday, January 24, 2012

No Bug Zone

Most people would agree that, in the duel between the bug and the windshield, the bug threatens little damage.  But people aren't thick glass.  And sometimes you're just cruising along, and a bug comes up out of nowhere and knocks you flat on your back... and then you lie like that all weekend.  (Like I have been for the past 3 days.)

I had a very productive weekend planned.  But all those plans went straight out the window when I woke up in the middle of the night Friday.  I was awake from about three until seven, unable to keep anything in my stomach.  Not even water.  It was awful.

My biggest concern, was the commercial showcase that was set for Monday evening.  And the two mandatory rehearsals over the weekend.  I'd been planning to participate since December.  I wasn't going to let it get away.  So I was in bed all weekend, woke up about fifteen minutes before I had to leave, threw on a cap, zipped to the studio, struggled through rehearsal, and then went back to bed.  Finally, yesterday afternoon, I felt better, just in time for the show.

And it went ridiculously well.  It went so well, I couldn't sleep last night out of sheer excitement.  Now I need to catch up on my sleep and get my immune system back to 100%... so I'll be ready in case one of the agents decides to call with an offer.  

I went in, worked hard, didn't allow my unexpected bug guest to derail me, and delivered strong performances that I'm completely happy with.  Halfway through, I realized it was a little breakthrough for me.  Despite the presence of five agents, any one of which I'd love to have, halfway through the showcase I realized I wasn't nervous.  There were a couple moments I could feel the excited nerves rising, but I focused and managed them.  I used to shake ever so faintly in the middle of really strong auditions, when I could feel I was nailing it.  The excitement would burst out of me.  But this one, it just felt natural and easy.  It felt great to watch the playback and see I executed exactly what I intended.  And it felt incredible when one of the other actresses came up to me after it was over to tell me she loved my work, and she couldn't wait to be working at such a professional level.  

Offer or no offer, I am proud of that.

Take that, you nasty little bug!  

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