Thursday, January 12, 2012

La La Land

Generally, I feel like Los Angeles is probably like most other large cities in the United States.  It's not some fantasy land.  It's a big, bustling metropolis crowded with lots of mostly normal people trying to lead mostly normal lives.

Then again...

When I took my family to the theater in December, we had to wait to cross the street for a moment between takes of the massive ganster shootout (circa 1930) filming on Hollywood Boulevard.

Another time, I was waiting at a light thinking it was taking extra long... when a Gotham City chase scene complete with SWAT trucks and a low flying helicopter raced through the intersection.  I guess Batman was out for happy hour too.

Earlier this week, I drove home from dinner and noticed a red carpet entrance to some party with paparazzi flashing more bulbs than you'd find on the New Years Eve ball.

And yesterday, I ran out to the mall food court near my office to grab lunch, and strolled right past an Emmy-winning star of one of the biggest shows on television.  Just chillin', looked like he was waiting for someone.  Nobody bothered him; it's not the first time we've seen an industry heavy-hitter.

I smiled and thought, just another day in La La Land.

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